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Great stereo installed in my car! The best thing is that it works with my steering buttons. Highly recommend this company. Very friendly staff and nice service. The first company that provides free mobile service at your address. Never heard for something like that before. Good job!

Dean N.



In 2017 in the world of technology, we created a company that was passionate about creating the best Android head units for cars. Our company was founded by a group of engineers who shared a love for both cars and technology.

Our company started small, working out of a small office space with only a handful of employees. However, we quickly gained a reputation for creating high-quality Android head units that offered a range of features and functions.

Our company's head units quickly became popular among car enthusiasts, who loved the fact that they could have an Android-powered stereo system in their car that offered advanced functionality like navigation, internet browsing, and app integration.

As the company grew, we started to expand our product line to include head units for different types of cars, from sedans to trucks to SUVs. We also started to offer customization options, allowing customers to choose the type of display, sound system, and other features they wanted for their Android head unit.

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